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Family First Aid: Managing Common Health Concerns


Maximizing Profits While Developing Your Network – YL's Compensation Plan Explanation



Stress, Depression, Anxiety, & Happiness Webinar
Learn the stress cycle in the body, the real cause of dis-ease, and what simple tools you can use to overcome feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety & start heading towards a life of happiness.

Prosperity Panel: Full Spectrum Healing Event – January 2013
Great panel discussion by several well-known Leaders on what it takes to grow a successful business in Young Living Essential Oils. Panel Features: Gailann Greene, Jeffrey Lewis, Jihan Thomas, Suzanne VanOver, Nancy Weber, Maggie Burgisser, Sue Pelechaty, Bridget D'Arco, and James Niederland

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Tax Talk recorded on 8/18/11

This is a perfect opportunity to increase your financial I.Q. and, as an entrepreneur, these are answers you all NEED to know!

  •     Do I need to incorporate myself?
  •     What if I already own another business?
  •     What if I am on disability benefits?
  •     What can I legally write off?
  •     Do I have to prove that I am in business?
  •     Can I still do my own taxes, or do I need an accountant?
  •     Should I have a separate bank account just for business?
  •     Are there any DIS-advantages to having a home based business?

 KATHLEEN R. HAVEL, CPA EA, received her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and received a concentration in Accounting, Finance and Management Information Systems from SUNY Buffalo in 1988.   Upon graduation, she worked for two years in the consolidations department of the home office of North American Philips, Inc., a Fortune 100 company in New York City, where she successfully completed all four parts of the CPA exam in 1990. 

In 1991 she began the tax practice which enabled her to be home to raise her three children. She can be reached via her website

Balancing Your Life While Creating Your Asset recorded on May 8th, 2012
Discusses steps necessary to create a successful business and still manage to have a life. Ideas on how to be more efficient, how to self-check, and strategies to overcome obstacles.

Tapping into Generations X & Y recorded on July 23, 2012

Join Young Living Leaders Jihan Thomas, Alina Piccone, Rob Ridpath, and Adam Green as they discuss how to tap into the younger generations when developing your Young Living Essential Oils home-based business. All speakers have reached life-changing income levels in just their 20s & 30s and have dedicated their lives to teaching others how to do the same.

Reaching Silver in 6 with Jihan Thomas & Shannon Hudson recorded on July 12,2012
Young Living Leaders Jihan Thomas and Shannon Hudson discuss what it takes to reach Leadership levels quickly. Shannon achieved Silver in just 90 days! Great information for newbies and veterans alike.

Sorting Out Your Meetings recorded on November 15th, 2011
Find out the 3 types of meetings, their purposes, and when to do what. Get organized and systemized!

2012 Post Convention Meeting live stream recording
Disclaimer: Our statements and information reflect our personal experiences with Young Living Essential Oils and products. Our statements have not been evaluated by Young Living Essential Oils company or the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure disease. Please see your health care professional for your personal medical needs.


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